14 Fulani Braids Styles To Try Out

Fulani Braids Styles 

When I first saw and fell in love with Fulani braids, Alicia Keys was singing her heart in a video. Why we love Fulani braids? They are exquisite, distinctive and have a rich history. Braided hairstyles have a rich history and cultural significance that dates back several centuries. Fulani is actually the name of a large nomadic tribe in West Africa. Braids were used to tell a woman’s marital status, wealth, power, religion, and even age.

What makes Fulani braids distinctive?

1. One cornrow braided down the middle of the head.
2. One braid wrapped around the outermost edge of head.
3. One to three cornrows on each side of the head braided going towards the front with the tails hanging on each side of the head.

Although these are the main things that make Fulani braids different from other styles, I have seen several variations in real life and online. There is a tendency in the American styles to not have a center braid or the one wrapped around the outermost edge of the head. There is truly no wrong way to go. I could probably list several things for why we love Fulani braids but will stop at a few.

Here are a few reasons why we love Fulani braids:

1. Absolutely gorgeous!
2. Personalizable! You can specify the length and width.
3. Extremely stylish!
4. There are several different styles/variations.
5. You can add hair jewelry.

Last but not least, why we love Fulani braids is that they are a get-up and go style. No waking up extra early to curl your hair or try to recreate that masterpiece that you slept all night on. If you are like me and braiding is not your forte, make sure you bring pictures of both the front and back of the hairstyle to give to your stylist. This ensures you will be completely satisfied with your look.

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