Outstanding Braided Hairstyles For Little Girls

Braided Hairstyles For Little Girls

Right here are 20 hairstyles on the way to deliver to your little female braids that she will simply love you for.

1. Twisted Braided Ponytail has your daughters hair split into two sections in a high ponytail. First, you secure the ponytail high and then you split the hair into two parts. Braid the one section until the end and then secure with a ponytail. Then take the remainder of the hair and wrap it around the braid and secure that with a ponytail.

2. Knotted braids have your daughters hair split into two ponytails. Take the first section of hair and divide it again into two more sections. Then place a ponytail or a knot into the section of hair and tie it tightly to the scalp. Keep adding another inch to the section and tie as you go along until you reach the base of the scalp. Secure the remainder of the hair with a ponytail at the scalp edge. Repeat for the other section of hair. (Hint: French braid the top part of the hair. Split the first section into two more sections on top and bottom. Braid the top part into a French braid and then secure it to the bottom half ponytail.)

3. Braided Buns are absolutely adorable and some even call them Princess Leia look. Split her hair into part one and part two right down the middle. Then secure the hair with an elastic band. Take the first section of hair and split it into two more sections and then twist the hair until the end and secure it with an elastic band. Repeat that on the other side. Then twist each ponytail into a bun and secure it with a bobby pin. Now you are done.

4. Braided Crown with Mini Twists. For those who like to have their baby daughter wear cornrows, this is a good hairstyle for you. You cornrow the crown in medium size braids with two strand twists in the back.

5. Fishtail-Accented Ponytail has you pick up a four-inch section of hair and put it in an elastic ponytail. Split into two sections and braid the hair from the part farthest from the middle in, in the shape of a fishtail. When hair is a braided tie with an elastic band. Pushing the fishtail braid out of the way take the remainder hair and place in a ponytail about mid-level. Make sure to cover up the elastic with her hair.

Place the fishtail braid on top of the ponytail securing it to the braid with a bobby pin and leave the remainder of the hair out and not braided. Hope you like your hairstyles and your daughters too.

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